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A Personal Note From Tommy Rosen

Dear Friend,

Have you ever had a behavior that you wanted to change? Have you ever experienced the frustration of unrealized possibilities in your life? All of us have experienced these things. We want to be the best we can be and we set out to change and somehow the overwhelm and stress of life seem to prevent us from moving forward. Changing your behavior is not easy. It’s like climbing the biggest mountain.

Each of us wants to be all that we can be and yet at the same time we stand in our own way. And this is how it was for me. I know the longing for freedom, empowerment, creativity and connection. Half of my life, I spent my time in addictive behaviors because they brought me relief.

But for me to live a life based on managing pain, seeking relief, surviving or getting through life was intolerable. I wanted freedom. I wanted to thrive.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

After years of searching for the right solution, I discovered the core elements of transformation. I learned about morning practice, found the right teachers and teachings and connected with a community for support and fellowship. The pain, frustration and stuck-ness that I had experienced were transformed into presence, creativity, connection and freedom.

I am convinced that if you take this challenge seriously, commit to these 3 daily actions for 7 days, you will experience a positive shift in your life no matter what struggles you’re facing right now. 

Through this challenge, you can empower yourself, reduce stress, build immunity and vitality and gain a greater sense of freedom. 

These benefits are available to anyone. The Recovery Challenge will show you how to get there.

Join us for this life changing experience!

With Love and Gratitude,

Tommy Rosen
Recovery 2.0
The Path of Discovery


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If you’ve ever experienced…

Then you’re experiencing thought patterns and feelings that directly affect the quality of your everyday life. The good news is, with just these 3 practices every day, you can begin to change these patterns and radically improve your everyday life.


Through this challenge you will be equipped with the tools you need to:

All you have to do is stay consistent. Then the sky’s the limit when it comes to your results. This Recovery Challenge is your road map for getting started.

how it works

Step 1: Start every day with your Morning Practice Video

Step 2: You will receive a daily email from Tommy with access to that day’s “Task of the Day” (which is a video to watch).

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What To Expect

Day 1: The First Step
Accessing Higher Power 

Discover and realize your true potential. The inquiry into “higher power” lay at the center of the entire human experience.The desire for connection and finding purpose in life all relates to “higher power”. You are being called to the next level.

Day 2: Be Grateful

The Science & Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership and is the shortcut to grace.

When you are in gratitude you are in a state of abundance- it isn’t desperate or grasping and it doesn’t have a sense of lack. Heather Monroe shares accessible tools to bring into our day as a “reset button” to boost the immune system and create change in our subconscious behaviors.

Day 3: See the World with a New Lens

The Foundation of Yoga

Yoga = Union! When we bring together the mind, body, and spirit we are unified. This brings about an incredible experience of bliss beyond craving. 

Day 4: A Quantum Shift towards Optimal Health

Fix the Cell to Get Well

We will look at our health, wellness and recovery down to the cellular level with Dr. Nick Jensen. True health starts at the level of our cells.

Day 5: Slow Down the Internal Chatter

Meditation for Dealing with the Monkey Mind

The task of the day today is short but powerful. We get to master our mind through meditation.

Day 6: Collaborative Learning

Group Coaching Q&A

Sit in on this virtual circle. Hear some questions from our community and “what’s on our heart” as it comes into the collective space. We learn through each other’s challenges and joys in life.


Day 7: Always a Student

Being A Disciple of Awareness

Become a student of your own awareness. It will lead you into more and more freedom. Akah Jackson will guide you to return home to the presence of who you truly are – as an infinite creative being powered by love.

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